Welcome to World Meditation Day!

We are arranging a monthly world meditation, visualization and prayer across the whole wide world to heal ourselves and the planet and lift the counciousness of every being. Join us in the world meditation!

World Meditiation DayWe meditate on the first Sunday of every month.

The most important thing is that everyone is aware of the day being a World Meditation Day with people meditating all around the world at this day. Be it at the same global time, or different times during the 24 hour period. If you don’t sit in meditation you can spend the time sending love and positive feelings to your surroundings.

You can use the guided audio meditation if you like.


First Sunday of every month.
Anytime during the Sunday will be fine, but the core time is 7 – 8 in the evening, YOUR LOCAL TIME. Yes, this means we will be meditating on different times during that day, but we will create a ‘meditation wave’ where one timezone takes over for the next. 24 hours of meditation! If you meditate on another time during that day, you will probably meditate with someone else in another timezone. So, ALL TIMES DURING THAT DAY ARE GOOD! Besides, time doesn’t really exist, so…. ;)


Your home, a church, a mosque, a classroom, outside, wherever you are.


Your group, your self, friends, family, collegues, anyone.


By positively visualize and meditate upon a world of sharing and caring, with conscious and compassionate people. By beaming our Love into the world. Check out our meditation page for a guided audio meditation, and links for how to meditate and different approaches to this.