According to quantum physics our thoughts are always beaming out into the “quantum field”, that is “the world”, and we are always influencing both our self, each other, the nature and even the weather (!) by what and how we think and feel. Coming together on one day and conciously thinking positive thoughts and “beaming love” out in the world will make a huge difference. Or simply just calm your mind and find your inner peace and bliss. And the more people doing it, the better the effect. This is a worldwide meditation creating positive energetic waves of Love surrounding the planet.

We recommend that you form a group to meditate with. Invite them into your home, or do the meditation on some other suitable place, like in a church, a mosque, a classroom or outside! If you for some reason can’t form a group, or be with your group, you can do the meditation by your self, wherever you are.

Just know that the more people meditating at the same time, the better it is. This will make a “tidal meditation wave” that flows across the planet, influencing both the meditating and the non-meditating, creating a world of joy and happiness, peace, health and prosperity.

We get more of what we focus on. So don’t focus on what you don’t want. Accept everything that is here in this world, even the “bad” things, love it, cherish it for giving you a contrast, and pick what you want more of, and keep that focus. Beware that everything has to be loved to both stay here and to go away. What you resist, persists. What you love, you release.

Join the World Meditation!


To all who wishes to comment: WMD and this website is given as a gift to Humanity and to everyone who comes here. We advocate a global resource based gift economy and hope someday that money will be a thing of the past. Life on this planet would be much easier if we all simply gave to each other out of love, like a big family, rather than tried to compete and sell something to each other all the time. A world without money is mind boggling, but totally possible. In this regard, please don’t leave a comment promoting a business or anything that is not free for everyone. Thank you. Namaste.

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  1. In gratitude to find this video. I live this way and it is so wonderfully inspiring to my heart that so many people now are awakening.
    I live in The South East of England and work with the Ancestors there.
    Please come join us if you are nearby to meditate sing dance and drum. And of course we all link through the great web of the Divine ONE. I also work with the healing power of music channelled to me and loved the music on your video please can you tell me where I may be able to buy or download this playlist thank you so much.
    In o n e n e s s and YES!! we have the power to heal our earth PEACE be with US !! TheresaWhitebuffalowoman xxx :0)

  2. What a wonderfully uplifting video! We really need more like this to keep us all together and heal our separation. Thank you so much. All of the music used is georgeous, I can find no credits for it anywhere. Please could you post a playlist?

  3. Thanks a lot!!! I saw now your videos for an effect of synchronicity.
    I’m very happy because I’m proposing something similar in Italy, based on Gratitude.

    • Hi Giuliana or others,
      Do you have the URL links for those videos on the effect of synchronicity? Am very keen to see them as well.

    • ciao Giuliana! DOVE sei in italia? stai organizzando qualcosa? … se vuoi …. lara.mirto gmail.com
      thank you

  4. Which is it easier to see and know that it is,
    a FULL MOON bright and shining or a “NEW MOON” dark and absent?

  5. I have been seeking this juncture all my life and it’s good to be alive in my skin to know this. Now we are one. I will join in meditation with the growing numbers. I play music that vibrate through time and hope that it fills the halls of our prayer places. It has brought much peace to me and I thank you from my heart :) Peace and Love will conquer the day.

  6. I thought that you and the readers of World Meditation Day would care about this issue. The Fresh Air Fund is in need of host families for this summer of 2011. Host families are volunteers who open their hearts and homes to children from the city to give them a Fresh Air experience that can change lives. If you could help to get the word out it would really help us place these wonderful children into a loving host family. It’s only for up to two weeks, but it’s an experience that can change their lives forever.

    I’ve put together a microsite which explains everything, so please feel free to use any of the images, graphics, banners, or copy:


    Please let me know if you are able to help or if you have any questions.

    Thank you so much,


  7. merci pour cette belle vidéo et cette belle méditation . paix amour lumiére fraternité nous sommes tous un. in lakesh. namasté

  8. .

    ∞ ∞ ∞ L♥O♥V♥E✰◦.¸¸ღ.◦°˚*◦.¸¸.◦☼°˚ˆ*⋄∗∞ LOVE WAVE 2 EVERYONE ∞ ∞

    ˙·٠•●❁●•٠·˙♥ ˙·٠•●❁●•٠·˙ L♥O♥V♥E♥L♥O♥V♥E ˙·٠•●❁●•٠·˙♥ ˙·٠•●❁●•٠·˙
    ♥(¯`´•.¸(¯`´•.¸ ________ღ♥ღ________¸.•´´¯)¸.•´ ´¯)♥
    ♥–♥♥♥–♥-=-♥♥♥.. WorldMeditationday.Com..♥♥♥-=-♥–♥♥♥–♥
    ♥(_¸.•´´(_¸.•´´ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ღ♥ღ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯`´ •.¸_) ´´•.¸_)♥

    ((( Ho’ Oponopono )))

    Thank you for Being, Thank You for being You, ‘JUST’, as You Are; and Thank You For All You Will To Be.

    Breathe Easy and Blessings Be,
    Brother V’.

    “How To Live Happily Ever After & Help All Find Ease”



  9. .

    Being aware that there are More Blessings To Be Counted, than we most often hold the relaxed enough Presence of SELF to acknowledge, can easily and steadily increase the often-ness in which I can remind myself; Glorious Expressions Of Divine Grace…Everywhere, EverPresent, EverLoving, EverGuiding.

    Thank you for Being, Thank You for being You ‘JUST’ as You Are, and Thank You For All You Will To Be.

    Breathe Easy and Blessings Be
    Brother V’.


  10. Hi, I am a big dream to achieve something incredibly powerful for the world and I would love your support.

    “The Moment of Peace” is a very ambitious project I have undertaken to get 1 million people involved worldwide in an hour of mindful silence in an effort to help the world and people find more meaning in their lives. It has the potential to be the biggest single gathering of meditation, prayer and silence in the history of the world … ever! All people, whether religious, spiritual, or not, are invited to join in this significant global event.

    When: 8pm Saturday, 18th June 2011 (in your local time-zone)

    Goal: 1 Million people for an hour of Mindful Silence

    You can read more about “The Moment of Peace” here:

    I would love it if you could help spread the world about this global event. In kind I will gladly promote your idea on my website and to the growing audience.

    I appreciate any support you can offer.

    In Kindness,
    Dean ‘Jagaro’ Crabb

  11. sorry for this could not find how to edit post also joined global coherence initiative and finally remembering how powerful we all are, love and light to all.

  12. Hello! I’m from Uruguay, in South America. I’m a volunteer from Art of Living Foundation.
    Amazing! I have no words for this!
    Jai Guru Dev!

    • hola luna , no estoy en uruguay pero me gustaria saber la direccion de EL ARTE DE VIVIR en montevieo-uruguay.
      muchas gracias

  13. I am a yoga teacher in the Sacramento, CA area and am opening both studio’s I work at (one from 7-8 on the first Sunday of the month; the other at the time of the new moon) for this purpose. Anyone is able to participate and welcome to join! I’m happy to do my part in expanding this global consciousness and connecting in this positive way! We are so much more powerful than we realize!

  14. We are a Yoga Studio In Bonita Springs in Southwest FL! We are going to offer a World Meditation Class on the 1st Sunday of each month at 7pm to Join this event! Thanks for getting the ball rolling and organizing it!

  15. Extraordinary video. I loved it and enjoyed it so much. Thank you, I really felt energytized and a need of sharing love.
    I loved the music! Can you share it with me?
    Thank you…Debbie.

  16. Wonderful…. so happy to see you are creating this and aligned with our intent. We had a radio show called a wave of love for this.. and have been looking for a group of committed people to take this on with us on our station… maybe you would love to host this and take it forward each month and host the show , do the meditation live for peace in our lifetime in collaboration. We have quite a big community of many pages and partners we can co-create and promote this to bring together.. you can contact us via our site above. peace, lynne I can send you to some of the archives if interested. I am not sure i can host this right now myself but have some great people who i am sure will also join in.. you can also offer the peace certificate with a widget.. more on our site.. it requires no registration or email .. just to link everyone as one.. ok .. rambled too much .. take care Namaste

  17. I believe that every person has the power to love. That any belief system built on love and bettering ones self is the path to heaven. That hate of any person for any reason is deterring. I believe that we should love people of all religions, races, origins, sexual preferences, and beliefs. I believe that we should not hate those who oppress us or cause us fear, but teach them the power of love. I believe in a world of peace because I know it to be possible in dreams. I believe in a world where everyone loves each other. I wish not to speak of how we stand today in politics and greed. I wish to speak of how it should be and not how it is.

    I am recently 15. If I can figure it out, so can they.

    The ‘they’s’ of the world that is.

    When I look at todays leaders and the lies the so easily tell caped in empty promises, I can only feel depressed. But maybe we can change that. That is why I wan to become a politician to change how things are. Because what matters isn’t how it is right now, but what it could be tomorrow.

    This site is beautiful. You can reach me at banana136@hotmail.com.

    • Dear Anna, I could not agree more with you, the way you express your concern is great, I am 35 year old and I felt like you are now some year ago….the thing is….try to fullfill your dreams, never give up and do not harm anyone trying to do so…..you will feel such a better person you can not imagine.
      If you want, take my advice and follow you carreer and passion, they will not let you down.
      Best wishes,

  18. It is so Lovely to have silent meditation in concert… but just IMAGINE The Power of Resonance that could be Created if We All Came Together to give Universal Affirmations of our Divine Identity with the full Physicalization of our Unified Voices!

    This is the Power that is being Invoked with Samadhi Game!™ Affirmation, Processing and Meditation on a World Wide Scale.

    People from across the Planet are joining on Monday the Thursday Nights at 10:30 PM Mountain Time at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/samadhi-game-live

    -to Create a Resonance of Truth that can not be brooked by the lesser Vibrations of the dual-human-ego.

    -to Learn the Reconciliation of Opposites with “The Enlightenment with Squares Technique”, and

    -to use the Alchemical Magic of the Violet Light of Transmutation to clear the way for the Emerald Ray Tantric Precipitation of Beauty and Perfection… in OUR Worlds (Individual and Planetary)!

    This IS The MOMENT THAT we have all Prepared for in this and past lives…


  19. So I love this website and I think the concept is beautiful. Definitely something I would like to be a part of. The only thing that makes me a litle skeptic is everyone was terrified something was going to happen when y2k approached… and nothing happened. So it doesn’t make sense to me why certain thoughts come to be and others do not.

    • Good point. In any case, meditating is definitely good for you. And whether our thoughts influence the world, there have been done research that confirms that this is the case. When in comes to y2k, I think that ‘everyone’ were far from terrified, while the media made it look like ‘everyone’ was terrified, just like media today makes it look like the whole world is at war, which is far from the truth. A FEW people might have been terrified about y2k, while the MAJORITY believed we would survive it fine, if they gave it much thought at all. And it is the same with 2012. Some people might be terrified, while most don’t care, or don’t believe in any ‘2012 significance’. This is how it has always been, and this is why we’re still here. If the majority thought we WOULDN’T be fine, something would have happened to make that belief come true. Luckily, the majority believes we will be fine. And we, here at WMD, are a part of that majority. And we enhance our belief in saying not ‘just fine’, but WONDERFUL! Co-Creating a new marvelous reality for us all.

      • I have found the whole manifestation of one’s thoughts paradigm to be very interesting and perplexing. I know it is true; although there are times when my desires manifest instantly, and other times when they may come about sometime down the road, and others not at all. Time is a strange beast and is far more complex than we can perceive with our limited 3-D consciousness. If we start looking at time multi-dimensionally, in a string-theory kind of way, then perhaps Y2K did happen, in some other probability. And whether the shift of 2012 will happen or not becomes a mute point from that perspective, because it will and it will not. Or it has already happened. All these happenings in time will never make sense, because the timeless Truth sees all this in the Present Moment.

        I do not worry too much about whether this event will happen or not, although all security systems are falling apart. Change as always is happening, but only now it is speeding up. Everyday can be that special event that seems to be coming, that is why meditation is so important, to connect to the Timeless, amidst all this swirling change.


    Stress is a disagreeable side effect of an active life. The stress of one situation sends you tense into the next. It can affect your health causing high blood pressure, headaches, backaches, ulcers, and more. The estimated cost to business and industry of stress-related illness, disabilities, accidents, and impairments is $300 BILLION. The productivity of one under prolonged stress is also severely curtailed.
    1. Take three deep and complete breaths, preferably through the nose with your eyes closed. Imagine as you breathe in – calming, relaxing energy entering your body and, as you breathe out the tensions, fatigue, and negativities of the day float away.
    2. Thump the thymus gland a few times while mentally commanding the body/mind to relax and focus positive thoughts for the rest of your day. (The thymus is beneath the center breastbone, down the width of your hand from the throat.)
    3. Mentally picture yourself in your perfect place – the place of perfect relaxation and contentment. Feel yourself actually there, use all your senses, smell, taste, hearing, etc. The more you practice this, the easier and faster it will bring you full body/mind relaxation.
    4. Say to yourself and/or others, “Just a moment, I need to regroup/focus myself.” Calm the body/mind by doing either one of the above practices.
    5. A FOUNDATION TECHNIQUE: use the following stress preventing method each day at a convenient time. It will stabilize you for more wonderful and efficient days.
    Meditation breaks down psychological barriers of fears and doubts. Research studies indicate that it improves academics and business/work efficiency through improved concentration, and better attendance – because you’re healthier; it eliminates respiratory ailments, and improves cardio-vascular efficiency, etc.

    “Meditation is extremely useful in treating anxiety attacks, it lowers blood pressure, can ease circulatory problems, and migraine and tension headaches.” Herbert Benson, M.D. Harvard University Cardiologist

    According to the science of meditation, when one wants to still the mind into meditation, one can take the help of one chosen thought – a mantra. A most effective mantra is HUM – SO. When we use HUM – SO it turns us within to the source of inspiration, enthusiasm, contentment, and serenity.

    1. Sit comfortably erect with the eyes closed.
    2. Listen to the sound of each breath. As is comes in and out. If you cannot hear it, breathe in with the mental repetition of HUM and out with the mental repetition of SO. It means, “I AM THAT.” OR simply repeat the word – LOVE.
    3. Pay attention to the space between the breath. The breath moves like a pendulum, it pauses on each end. Be attentive where the breath merges inside and where it emerges outside. It is the space where our thoughts originate and subside. It is a space of peace and tranquility.
    4. If thoughts come up during your meditation time – simply let them go and come back to the sound of the breath. HUM – in and SO – out, and attend to the space between the breath.
    5. Meditate for about 20-60 minutes each day. Honor yourself with a strict self discipline for this valuable activity. You deserve one hour for yourself each day.

    If you have a profound experience during meditation, consult a master of this art or read the Play of Consciousness by Swami Muktananda for greater understanding and progress into deeper states of meditation. However, if you want more knowledge of the psychology and uses of meditation, read Meditation, Eknath Easwaran.
    KURT A. KRUEGER, Director
    Institute of Sports Psychology
    a division of Success Systems International

  21. Here is a link to a lovely children’s meditation (which is great for adults to do as well!), sending light, love and peace to the world. I think it is great to get kids involved in meditation! x

  22. I love this site. I just did the meditation today and I must say it was a very good experience. I am feeling relaxed and I believe that we have helped the earth a lot by releasing her negative energy and replacing it with positive. I think a global meditation on the first new moon every month will sweep the internet and become an international tradition! Thousands of people sending loving healing energy into the earth cannot be a bad thing!

  23. I’m in! I just saw a msg on Hootless,

    I am however sure that not many people willing to participate know about WMD

  24. The Power and Mercy of the Divine be with us all. Harmony, Peace and Energy be the Source of our good relationship from now on, until Our Great Father and Mother, hear our united voice and our common Vibrations to make of this Planet a place to live in PEACE and LOVE. Many HUGS from Antigua Guatemala in Central America

  25. May we each embrace the Power of Divine Love within us, and may our LOVE be reflected in all that we do, and in all of Intelligent Nature, that together with Mother Earth and all living beings we can work in harmony in the service of love to overcome the imbalances occurring on our world. May those who have returned into the Light now join with other Light Beings to help us in this process… that LOVE, PEACE & HARMONY may prevail on earth, throughout the Universe and across all Galaxies. And so it is…

  26. I too am creating a website of the exact same nature. We can make a difference. I will coincide mine with yours!! Feel free to contact me… I have some really good ideas I can share with you. Look forward to hearing from you. Peace x

  27. Living from the heart is something I have tried to focus on my whole life.
    Thank you for creating this wonderful site and the opportunity for all to unite
    Love Debbie

  28. Great idea, hopefully people will get it and awaken. Worth spreading the word around. Everyone seems to look for happiness, but there is nothing like that! What we need to find the inner peace, love and make the best ride while we are here. Cheers to all who are united. Dagmar from Hong Kong
    “Dinosaurs also didn’t see it coming!…”

  29. YES, YES + YES AGAIN ! :)

    Let US CHANGE,,,SOS to XOX and LOVE WINS !!!
    CHOOSE LOVE and PEACE will Follow…

    Sandy :)

  30. thank you for making this site im happy to now be a part of this i have poem i want to share with you all that explains exactly how i feel

    I want to make a new place with you
    Want to spend all my time writing rhymes in a slew
    of new thoughts an suggestions no disrespecting.
    Jus reflecting on time past and creating beauty anew
    With the chosen few who knew what to do.
    Ground an center enter ever after with laughter.
    Nature lent her endless energy to center thee
    An in-between the ether you’ll feel her.
    Just plant your roots let your soul get a real stir.
    Majestic and hectic complete and sees to all our needs.
    She feeds us, clothes us, creates our air.
    All you have to do is look to everywhere, she’s there.
    Do you dare to compare to such power?
    Well you can because you’re sent from divine’s finest hour.
    We are all creators your thoughts are dangerous.
    So help us and keep the faith.
    Reap your ways n break away the pain and black stains.
    The world is shifting and filling in the missing
    with positive light n bliss.
    Just admit your heart knows and wants this.
    No materialism just faith and love for fellow man.
    If you know it in your heart best believe with love we can.
    Hand in hand women and men
    Fox and tree, rain, cloud and sea
    Sand, star, fish on every wish
    Its this. The bliss we insist
    is true to you my fellow crew.
    My loves of one and all
    lets rise together
    unbreakable clever
    unable to sever stand tall!
    our link now we’re in sync
    don’t over think or you’ll fall.
    Lets put aside all nine lives of fear
    and clear your hate no time for debate
    Its getting late and this power is great
    Lets embrace our fate and shake off our chains!
    No longer enslaved in this new day we pray
    to each other our sons and brothers our profits and lovers!
    link souls and hand stand up to the plan!
    of evil proportion of sick and deviant hate and contortion
    it will not touch us will not bring a fault
    for in the black of the night bright stars will revolt
    with their light they shine bright like all of us do
    and in light its alright we all know what is true
    ..its me and its you its pure and its threw with 3d
    time for a new you and me
    time to live in blessings hold on to your dreams
    reflect and reach for within, its no limit
    let your soul be your guide
    there is none to compare to what’s there inside.
    Say goodbye to pride and hi to divine’s infinite prize
    true life with true minds in our new earth paradise

    spread your light everyone lets make this world a better place..no more preaching about how we all want world peace we are going to do it!!

  31. Thank YOU for Sharing, so that I AM ABLE TO PARTICIPATE at this present times. I AM with US ALL in WORLD MEDITATION.

  32. My journey has brought me here. Thank you. I believe that meditation is way forward to peace, understanding and unity.

  33. http://TheWorldMeditation.com The Meditation For Peace Project is a cause for Peace and a Once in a Lifetime Opportunity for YOU to participate and contribute to making a real difference in the world.
    Imagine eight million people, including you and me, figuratively holding hands around the world, sitting down together and meditating.
    Please register to participate and share this link with others http://TheWorldMeditation.com Thank you

  34. Hi, I have just found your website. Believe it or not over 2 years ago I myself thought of doing what you are doing and I didn’t, nor did I even look to see if someone had. well done, I am delighted that this exisits. I was justed watching some frightfull news on youtube and just thought that I’d be much better of meditating and encouraging others to do it too and with out thinking I wrote “world meditation” in google. I am Irish living in spain. If you need any help, fluenent in spanish (more or less), you have my email. Peace be with you

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