According to quantum physics our thoughts are always beaming out into the “quantum field”, that is “the world”, and we are always influencing both our self, each other, the nature and even the weather (!) by what and how we think and feel. Coming together on one day and conciously thinking positive thoughts and “beaming love” out in the world will make a huge difference. Or simply just calm your mind and find your inner peace and bliss. And the more people doing it, the better the effect. This is a worldwide meditation creating positive energetic waves of Love surrounding the planet.

We recommend that you form a group to meditate with. Invite them into your home, or do the meditation on some other suitable place, like in a church, a mosque, a classroom or outside! If you for some reason can’t form a group, or be with your group, you can do the meditation by your self, wherever you are.

Just know that the more people meditating at the same time, the better it is. This will make a “tidal meditation wave” that flows across the planet, influencing both the meditating and the non-meditating, creating a world of joy and happiness, peace, health and prosperity.

We get more of what we focus on. So don’t focus on what you don’t want. Accept everything that is here in this world, even the “bad” things, love it, cherish it for giving you a contrast, and pick what you want more of, and keep that focus. Beware that everything has to be loved to both stay here and to go away. What you resist, persists. What you love, you release.

Join the World Meditation!


To all who wishes to comment: WMD and this website is given as a gift to Humanity and to everyone who comes here. We advocate a global resource based gift economy and hope someday that money will be a thing of the past. Life on this planet would be much easier if we all simply gave to each other out of love, like a big family, rather than tried to compete and sell something to each other all the time. A world without money is mind boggling, but totally possible. In this regard, please don’t leave a comment promoting a business or anything that is not free for everyone. Thank you. Namaste.

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    • I can only speak for myself. Anything else would be judgmental. And judging is what we want to avoid. Judging is the ego’s way. Loving is the Light’s way.

  1. I believe that world peace and happiness could be reached if we could get millions to participate. It would be much better if we did so each day for just 15 minutes to 1/2 hour, as more joined the movement we could notice a difference. Peace, Love, Happiness and freedom for all.

    • Thank you Tom. Millions are already participating. Not in this particular endeavour, but totally, in the whole world. But of course, meditating every day, there’s nothing better than that, and I encourage everyone to do it.

  2. Dont we think that we should have this more often… considering the closer of events… at least once a week ,like Every Sunday ,,then every day until.. on a world scale.??

  3. Thank you so much for putting this together, this is a lovely antidote to the media of horror and fear. Love and healing… we can do this together! Powerful.

  4. I have joined your days for meditating. My concern and love is for fukushima and the reactors there that are melting down. I will be sending my consciousness there to ease the radiation coming out of those reactors. We all have a short amount of time before the radiation will poison the northern hemisphere of the planet. The time is now to make a difference. We need to use our electro magnetic field to change fukushima and then shut it down. After that we shut down all reactors on our planet thru meditation. Love Peace Joy CONSCIOUSNESS

  5. Just one litle thing… it will be good to think of one exact hour for this event witch is not to crazy hour for another land… Love Unity Simplicity and lots of Peace

  6. What was it…..that song my Foreigner:

    “Now I know it’s right, from the moment I wake up till deep in the night”

  7. Have you heard of the Dhammakaya Temple in Bangkok, Thailand? Our weekly meditation service on Sundays is usually around 200,000 in our Meditation Hall that can hold 300,000. And on major Buddhist holidays we
    hold meditation in our Meditation Stadium that can hold over a million.
    We are also planning to do a monthly worldwide meditation so maybe we
    can coordinate something together.

    Please visit our USA website at InnerPeaceUSA.net to
    see videos and for more information. You can contact me through the
    website also. Thank you and may we all create World Peace through Inner

    Inner Peace USA

    •  Something is happening…collective thoughts could be coming together.  My friend showed me this page today just after talking to her about wanting to organize a world meditation!!  Keep me informed as I am trying to inform everyone I know!! 

      • So strange.. I’ve just found this website as my friend has organised a group for Sunday August the 5th. However I’m away travelling Southeast Asia, so wanted to find out about doing it over here, then I found this post, and that got me wondering as I have in fact done a meditation course with the Dhammakaya temple, just last month, in Thailand.. Things are certainly happening..! Much love, peace & happiness xxxxx

      • Something definitely is happening. I thought just today about organizing something like this. thats how i stumbled on this site. we’re all getting on the same page

  8. I can honestly say that I love this idea, I have told my fellow church members about this idea and they have taken interest. I have a site called meditation-stressrelief.com and I was wondering if I can let those people that come to my site know about this concept by linking them to yours? Hopefuly meditation can have a world impact.

  9. Hi there,
    I run http://www.tmr2012.com (the mental revolution 2012) – I stumbled accross your site whilst researching ‘global meditation dates’. We are interested in the possibilities that may arise upon people meditating around the world simultaneously and are wanting to create an accurate timetable for people around the world to do so.
    You mention that everybody knows these dates to be world meditation dates, is this based on the new and full moon dates? And what time zone are you going by? I was thinking about implementing equinox and solstice dates.
    I love the simplicity of your site and the positive energy it transmits, I may have your site on our new links page that will be put up soon and possibly use these dates as well, after all the aim is igniting a global collective conscious.
    Thank you kindly and take care.



    • Hi, The time and timezones are calculated by the Moon Calendar and the Timezone converter you find links to in the text above. :)

  10. Waths your local time?
    I love this iniciative, but i think that if we translate the text to other languages more people could do the same that we.

    Call me for the traslation to spanish. I`m a volunter 😉


  11. saludosss desde chile, ojala se pueda traducir la pagina y podamosss hacer una red mas grande y mas extensa de mentes pensantes vibrantes, y corazones de energia de amor irradiando el mundo

  12. We live in a world today, that is separated in two. Those who choose the righteous path of Love, and those who choose that of Hate. Time is never more precious then the one you live this second, make the best of it.
    Win them all of Love.
    – Cristobal Becker

    An inspiring video, it has truly opened my eyes even more knowing I’m not alone in this world, we truly are all together as one. It is ideas and actions like these, that thrive me to understand how spiritually interconnected we are with one another, that our body is but a shell in Gods plans. I really wish the best for everyone, sure enough we will do great.

  13. Thanks for generating this great idea!

    If you’re interested in Peace and the power of collective meditation, please check out this site too:


    Take just 60 seconds, every day, at midday… to focus on Love and Peace.
    For yourself, your family, your community, your world.

    If you like the idea SIGN to show your support and please SPREAD THE WORD

    Peace x

  14. I am glad to come across your site. I am glad to see World Meditation program.

    Brahma Kumaris been practicing World Meditation Hour every 3rd Sunday of the month since 1978 when people from all over the world were invited to collectively meditate for one hour for world peace. Over the years this practice has become very popular and has spread to over 90 countries around the world, currently attracting nearly a million people. In many cities, public World Meditation Hour programmes


    Peace and Love

  15. For those who use it Google Calendar has a calendar with the phases of the moon. It gives you the exact time of each phase in your local time and puts an icon in the day it happens. I found this much useful to remember the WMD and though of sharing it.


  16. Brilliantly carried out, dear ones. Compassion within, life is precious, thank you.

    Meditate on positive things, do not bring to mind things you don’t want or else the universe will mistake that as being what you DO want.

    Amen, Lord, we love you, as the All-inclusive Life supply. Lord, thank you for your life in us, thank you for your mercy and Grace.
    May all being be happy. Your kingdom come, on earth as it is in heaven.

    I will meditate on compassion and beam love from my heart, through others, for myself and my family, my neighbors, my fellow humans. children, animals, politicians, men, women, educators, the core of the earth spreading out into circumference.

    Thank you. Grace be with your spirit. God speed you.
    – Nitya (Veronika )

  17. This is a wonderful video. Please meditate on ending poverty and greed. We need a world where everybody can become the best person possible without problems created by artificial barriers of class and money. It is long past time.

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