What is meditation? Or prayer? For that matter. There are many different approaches to this. Most people assosiate meditation with just being silent thinking of nothing with your eyes closed, while prayer includes more talking to God or some “higher force”.

We have good experience with a combination of these two. We will achieve a meditative state and become really relaxed, and then start using pictures and words to focus our minds and raise our frequencies.

You can use the guided musical meditation below, or you can meditate in your own way.

The most important thing is that you are relaxed and experience an inner peace and joy that you can share with the world.


The meditation is free for use, and you can stream it, download it, share it, or burn it to one or several CDs, as long they’re all free for everyone.

The first 30 minutes are guided, the rest is with meditative music where you can speak or visualize yourself, or just sit in meditation and joy and feel your inner bliss and the Light of the Source fill you up and spread out into the world.

If you are used to meditating or praying, you can do whatever you usually do. You can alter this meditation to your own liking, or even do something completely different. Remember that meditation is really nothing more than focused and relaxed awareness. And what we focus  on we will eventually find in our life in some way or another sooner or later. When we  have a general relaxed and aware mind, we will find that our lives runs much smoother than if we have stress and hurry.

The more people meditating at the same day, the more community we will feel and the more peace and joy we will get.

Invite your friends to join you!

Send them a mail and ask if they would like to join in on the next meditation. I doesn’t require any particular skill or equipment. It doesn’t do any harm. If they haven’t got e-mail, phone them! Or tell them in some way or another.



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  2. Here is a link to a lovely children’s meditation (which is great for adults to do as well!), sending light, love and peace to the world. I think it is great to get
    kids involved in meditation! x

  3. So weird! I lay down to meditate at 7 p.m “my time” and my visualizations were one with the words on this page! I did not read them until now, and yet everything mentioned here was in my meditation; the love, the passion for mother Earth, the floating up and growing bigger, traveling from place to place on the globe, loving each place, all peoples, especially the tormented, including enemies and tyrants, all creatures, the landforms, the waters… was filled with joy and light and love.

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