Raising Our Frequencies


21. of December 2012 is getting closer.

We are getting ready to raise our frequency and have a common world meditation on winter solstice that day. Let’s live in a joyful conscious awareness as much as possible from now until then and into 2013 and onwards. Let’s be aware of what is going on on the planet, but keep our minds and hearts focussed on the Light of the Source and on the positive development for all Mankind. Knowing the Light is always with us, inside of us, stills all fear and opens up for gratitude and seeing the wonder of the world.

Here are the details of the event and the link to the event on Facebook:


Time: UTC 11-12 am

This time we do it on synchronized time at 11-12, as the winter solstice happens at exactly 11:12am UTC.

Here is the time for the event around the world:


21. of December 2012 is a renowned date. The Maya Calendar is ending/restarting and a new aera on Earth is said to begin on and after this date. An aera of more peace and love between the people on Earth.

Our mental state on that day is said to be of significance. At least it doesn’t hurt to meditate for an hour or more, and focus on how we want our common future to be. A borderless world with freedom for all people. A common mindset of sharing and giving also reflected in our economic systems. A future with peace, love and compassion for all.

For a guided planet and personal healing meditation, go here:


If you don’t want to use this meditation, you can meditate in your own way.

Let’s enter 2013 with lifted spirits!

Joy and light to all!